Box 12, Site 2, RR1, Airdrie,
Alberta, Canada T4B 2A3

Phone: 403-948-7656

Western Canadian Artist, Glen Collin, loves to work on location, recording the landscape as he sees it. He works with Oils, Watercolors, and Acrylics. Prairie mornings and sunsets with vivid colors mark the paintings of this Alberta artist.

Glen Collin was born and raised in Alberta. Showing an early interest in art, he took art classes from Peter Shostak while in school. Later he started his formal training at the University of Alberta, then the Alberta College of Art. He was strongly influenced by the watercolors of his art instructors Frank Palmer, Keith Thompson, Ken Samuelson and Gil Flodberg. After graduating in 1978 he worked as a commercial artist until 1980. Then after building an art studio, he painted full time for the next two years. In 1982 he resumed his career as a freelance commercial artist. Needing a larger studio he moved to an acreage north of Calgary. Here he is able to run his graphic design business, paint and create prints in a setting that is close to nature and the landscape.